Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Series 7: Angels Take Manhattan Time, Pictures and Details

Lots of new information has been released for The Angels Take Manhattan.

The time for the episode is confirmed as 7:20pm on Saturday 29th September.

Also 26 new pictures have been released for the episode but be warned they do contain small spoilers.

Finally, new details of the episode have also been released in this months issue of Doctor Who Magazine.

The synopsis was revealed:

“The Doctor, Amy and Rory visit modern-day New York. But the Weeping Angels are lurking here too. When one of the TARDIS crew is zapped back to 1938, Amy discovers that time can’t always be rewritten, not once it’s written in stone”.

A quote was also revealed:

River Song: “It’s like they’ve taken over every statue in the city.”The Doctor: “The Angels take Manhattan! Because they can. Because they’ve never had a food source like this one. The city that never sleeps”

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